Edge AI Model Miniaturization

  1. Accelerate innovation with purpose-built tools for every step of Edge AI deployment
  2. Include labeling, data preparation, auto-ML, training, tuning, hosting, monitoring, and workflows.
  3. DeepMentor AI-Box has low-power consumption 16TOPS TPUs inside and can parallelly execute multiple AI models.
  4. DeepLogMaker model zoo is increasing and includes
    1. Machine vision
    2. Human and car behavior analysis
    3. Abnormal detection
    4. Intelligent environment monitoring
    5. Medical image analysis


  1. Label training data for AI model
  2. Aggregate and prepare data for AI model


  1. Dozens of optimized AI models
  2. Automatically create AI models with full visibility
  3. Pre-built solutions for common use cases

Train and Tune

  1. One-click training with distributed infrastructure management
  2. Automatic model tuning for hyperparameter optimization
  3. Debug and profile training runs